Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birthday Halloween Parade

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Today is my birthday. I'm two! Yesterday, I was one. Funny, I don't feel much different today than yesterday, although I do feel different from how I felt at my last birthday. I was one then, and I was one yesterday. Weird.

At school there was a party for Halloween, though I'm told that Halloween isn't until next week. Why are parties never on the actual holiday? My birthday party was not on my birthday. This Halloween party was not on Halloween. I guess it's because these things are planned by grown-ups. Grown-ups don't make sense sometimes. Anyway, at this party, we all dressed up in our costumes and had a parade on the playground. I held Mommy's hand because she was a little uncomfortable with all those people around. Then I held Ella's hand. She dressed up as a green frog and said, "Ribbit! Ribbit!" I dressed up as Snoopy. I carried Woodstock around. A lot of people didn't know who I was. "Are you a mouse?" or "Oh, what a cute bunny!" Clearly, these people need to read more Snoopy comics and watch more Snoopy videos.

One of the activities at the party was this thing called "face painting." It's where you get your face painted. Mommy painted on some faces. She painted rainbows on some of the girls. She painted a cupcake with a candle on it on my cheek since I'm the birthday girl. Here is a picture of my cupcake cheek.Image hosted by

Monday, October 24, 2005

My 2nd Birthday Party

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Yesterday I celebrated my 2nd birthday at a park. Many friends and family came. My classmate Abe came too! I am a bit confused at the fact that I am still not 2. My birthday is on Wednesday, but for some reason, we made a big deal out of it yesterday. I won't complain though because I ate a lot of cupcakes and got a lot of presents!

Speaking of cupcakes, here is a picture of the cupcakes Mommy made. They are in ice cream cones. Weird, but yummy.

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One of my favorite gifts is a tiny stroller like the ones I play with at school. Bachan's good friend Sharon gave me the stroller. She also gave me this great baby doll. I love my new Baby. I took her to bed with me last night. Daddy says I still have presents to open. Whew, I may need to hire an assistant to help me with all my gifts. Maybe Elmo can help.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Last night, I did a little physics. I stacked my cups up in a great tower. Here's me stacking:

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Steady now....

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Report Card

This week is Parent-Teacher Conference Week. Today Mommy and Daddy took me to school and hung around the classroom for a while. Then my teacher Marie, Daddy, and Mommy left the room to go and talk about me. I don't know why they just didn't ask me what they wanted to know.

Marie said a lot of nice things about me. She said, "Pound for pound, Yoshi's the strongest one here. She's the only one who can do a chin-up by herself." It must be all that broccoli I eat. I impress her with my physical feats (she likes my physical hands too), like when I put my socks and jacket on all by myself. She also says that I understand everything I'm told. That's not entirely true though, because Mommy tells me that Daddy is stinky, but Daddy tells me he is NOT stinky. I don't understand this. Who do I believe?

Marie says I have an excellent memory, remembering things that I only experience once. Daddy says he wishes his memory was as good as mine. I told him my secret to remembering, but he already forgot it.

Marie also told Mommy and Daddy that I have the social skills of an older 2-year-old. I interact with others very well. I guess I'm very mature for my age. Maybe that's why I never get carded when I buy my juice at the store.

All in all, sounds like a good meeting!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Duckie Walks Doggie

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Here I am setting up my Duck and Dog for a little photo shoot. Do you like how it turned out?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


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Question: What kind of bird says "quack-a-doodle-bokk?"

Answer: The kind of bird that exists in my head. I call it duckeroosten.

I was pretending to be a duckeroostsen the other day and Daddy laughed. I told him he wouldn't want to run into that kind of bird in a dark alley. Daddy said, "I wouldn't want to run in a dark alley anyway because there usually is a dead end and I like running for a long time and I'd just have to run in circles and that would get kind of boring, plus it'd be dark so I'd run into the walls, and you know those walls aren't very clean so then I'd be really yucky, even grosser than I usually am after my runs, and that's pretty bad."

Okay, Daddy, that's more than I needed to know.