Monday, April 26, 2010

My rhyme!

I love the planet. And did you know that Earth Day was a few days ago? I made up a rhyme.

The air we breathe goes to the trees.
The air trees breathe goes to the... we's.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I did in March

I told Mommy that time is going by way too fast. She said, "Hey, that's what grown ups say!"

In March, I did lots of things.

I went to Yosemite with my friend Izzy and her family. We went together last year, too. I hope we go to Yosemite together next year. And the year after. And the year after that.

I walked.

I hiked.

I sledded.

I didn't want to leave Yosemite. I found some really big rocks that made caves and told Daddy that we should move there. We could park our car next to the rocks. Daddy said it would be a long commute to school. Silly Daddy.

I guess Yosemite didn't want us to live in their rocks because we ended up back home again in San Francisco.

In school I made a penguin! And the secret part is that if you shake it you can hear the clay ball inside. It's a rattle! Mommy helped our class with the painting. That means her job was to make sure we didn't paint each other instead of our art project.

I cooked over spring break. Sabrina gave me a cookbook with recipes made just for kids. Yay! 'Cause I'm a kid. I decided to make Mommy and me lunch. I made pink lemonade. I went into the backyard and picked some lemons and then squeezed all the juice out. The pink part pink lemonade is food coloring. I just love those pointy food coloring bottles. I wish I had a collection of them. But all ours are full so I can't play with them. Yet!

I also made French Toast. I even used my special party napkins and fancy glasses to set the table. It was the best lunch I ever had. Mommy liked it too!

In March, I also played with my friends. That's one of my favorite things to do! It's so fun. Especially when the grownups aren't paying attention.

And I have a new friend! His name is Theo. He's tiny. But he weighs a lot more than any of my stuffed animals.

And those are some of the exciting things I did in March!