Thursday, September 27, 2007

Broken heart

I have a favorite stuffed animal. Her name is Toto. Her name used to be Stack. And before that, her name used to be Anke. She also used to be a boy but I decided she was a girl when I started calling her Toto. I took Toto to Japan over the summer. And I lost her on the subway there. She's sad without me. I told Mommy that my heart has broken two times. Once when I lost Toto. The other time was when Ella, my best friend, moved to Israel. She moved away last month.

"My heart is broken. It doesn't work in my body anymore."

Mommy gave me a big hug.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My daddy

I love Daddy. He's the best Daddy I've ever had. Good thing too, because he's the only daddy I've ever had. We often take the bus together to school. We play a game called "What do you want to eat?" Here is how it is played. One person says, "Hi! What do you want to eat?" The other person says what they want to eat. The first person will either say "Okay!" and then pretend to make the food and give it to the other person. Or the first person can say, "Sorry, we don't have that," and then ask what else they want to eat. If the other person can't think of something, then the first person suggests food.

Me: Hi! What do you want to eat?

Daddy: Hi! I'd like some edamame and a fruit smoothie.

Me: Edamame and a fruit smoothie? Okay! [then I pretend to quickly make it by moving my hands around and making gurgling noises]

Me: Here you go!

Daddy: Thanks!

then the roles trade.

Daddy: Hi! What do you want to eat?

Me: Hi! I want an ice cream cone and steak.

Daddy: Sorry, we ran out of steak. How about a hot dog?

Me: Okay!


I also love Daddy because he gives me stuff. He went grocery shopping the other day and when he came home, he brought me a flower!


I also love Daddy even when he does things that are pretty silly. On Monday, Mommy, Daddy and I were out in the front courtyard taking photos. I like playing by the fountain because water is fun. Daddy thought it would be fun for him to jump off a ledge while Mommy took photos of him in the air. When he crouched down to jump, his big bottom pushed me into the water. I had no idea what was going on. One moment I'm out of the water. The next moment I'm in the water. Daddy finished his jump and then resuced me.

Before (notice his bottom getting ready to bump me in):

After (he looks embarrassed and I'm in shock):

Mommy said something about "parenting at its finest" but I can think of lots of other times that I liked better than this one.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Broken to fixed!

I love my pink stroller, but the fabric started falling apart last year. Mommy sewed a new seat for my stroller and now it's good as new!



And with Snoopy!