Friday, February 29, 2008

My Story: The Squirrel-Cat That Ate Nuts (and never got smaller)

Until one day I’ll tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a cat that ate nuts and never got smaller but his friend cats got smaller when they ate nuts.

And then one day there was a person and said, “Come here cat, I want to feed you some nuts.” And the cat just ran away.

But that one cat loved, loved to eat nuts. He didn’t know what to what.

Until one day he was taking a plant of plants and his mother was mad. But I telled my mother, “But that’s okay” and she said, “I’m not mad anymore.”

Until one day that cat ate seeds.

And the birds said, “What are you eating our nuts?” The cat just keep eating and didn’t answer the question.

But behind a tomato plant that one tail sticking out long and never had be good.

Until one day that one cat had been outside of the window and I wanted to feed him nuts. And then I opened the window but I didn’t know that window had a rip. So one day I sighed to myself, “Sigh.” And then, the time passed when I wanted to go. So I sighed again. And I couldn’t see my foot was broken and it was the end of the week that I had to feed.

So one day my mother sighed to herself, “I got to feed that one cat that eats nuts. Sigh”
Until one day she found the cat and inside the house.

But then I dropped a few more nuts. He took a big bite and he had two. He said to the bird, “I’m you’re friend but very nice.”

The cat can turned into a squirrel. That one squirrel took one big bite. “Keep eating!”
But by the time he left, there were two peanuts.

And that was the end of that squirrel-cat. He ate so much that he died and never came back.

Until he came alive again.

Friday, February 22, 2008

O Canada!

I took Mommy and Daddy and some of our friends on a vacation to another country called Canada. The town we stayed in is called Whistler. Daddy says the Olympics will be there in 2 years. I asked if we can go back then but he said probably not. Party pooper.

Canada is a lot like America and less like Japan because people speak English in Canada and not Japanese.

In Canada, I also heard a little bit of French. In Canada, they also have quarters, dimes, and pennies, but the pictures are different on the coins. And the paper cash is a lot prettier than the boring green paper we have. In Canada, kids can drive, or at least pretend to.

In Canada, you can pick your nose.

You can eat onigiri rice balls for lunch (okay, so maybe it's a little like Japan too).

And best of all, you can go tubing! It's super fun. First you have to get an inner tube and then stand in line:

If you're small like me, the nice man lifts you up and plops you in the tube. He checks to make sure it's all clear down the track.

Then he pushes you down. Wheee!!!

Get out. Repeat!

We stayed at a cabin, which is like a house, but in the snow. This place was very big. 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. And a hot tub! I went in the hot tub every day. Here is a picture of our cabin. We took the picture from the Gondola lift that takes us up the mountain.

It was especially toasty after playing hard in snow building snowmen.

Next time, you should come to Canada with us!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


What's a pirate's favorite letter?


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy me!

I am still only 3 years old in this photo. I found it hiding on Mommy and Daddy's computer. I like it.