Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Saturday my school had a big fun-raiser. A fun-raiser is where you have fun and make money. The fun-raiser we had was called Dogfest. It's a party for dogs. And kids too! There were all sorts of games, facepainting, and food. Mommy made cupcakes with sprinkles. My favorite!

I dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz because Dorothy has a dog. I brought my Snoopy in a basket. Snoopy pretended to be Toto. I got my face painted with a butterfly. That's me in the top picture in case you didn't recognize me in my disguise.

There were so many dogs. Big dogs, little dogs. Some dogs had a lot of fur. Some had hardly any.

Mommy told our friend Sabrina to bring her doggies and enter them in the "Best Coat" contest. Her doggies are big and super fluffy white. They look like clouds that drool.

And guess what? Her dogs won!

I told Mommy, "When Sabrina's doggies won, I felt really happy on the inside."

"How did you feel on the outside?" Mommy asked.

"Even more happy than on the inside. I said, 'Yay!!!!!'"

Saturday, April 18, 2009

She's cute!

When I saw this picture Ellie this morning, I said, "Awwww! She's sooooo cuuuute!" I really want to see her in real life.

She's wearing a hat that Mommy knit her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm a big cousin!

Uncle Eric and Auntie Wendy had a baby last night. The baby's name is Ellie, which is a nickname for Elizabeth. The baby was born while I was sleeping. Doesn't Ellie know that she should have been sleeping too? The night is bedtime for kids!

Here's some things you might want to know about the baby.
Her name is Elizabeth Quynh Haruko Iwamoto. When she's in kindergarten, it's going to take her 10 minutes and two sheets of paper to write out her name on her homework.

She was born on April 13, 2009. That was yesterday.

At 9:06pm. That was last night.

6 pounds, 14 ounces. I weigh a lot more than that, like more than five Ellies put together.

20 inches long. I'm taller than that. I don't know how much taller though. Much taller if she's lying down.

I can't wait to meet her! I have so much I plan to teach her, like how to carefully place small toys on the floor so Mommy and Daddy can step on them. But first I will have to teach her not to eat small toys. Because that's dangerous.

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Super Yo!

I drew this picture a couple days ago. It's me as a superhero. See my cape? I'm flying high in the air. That's why the clouds are below me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter. It's a day to celebrate spring. It's also about chocolate and eggs. And going to the park. First, we had an Easter Egg hunt in my backyard. Daddy wanted to know if the Easter Bunny should hide the eggs. I told him, "No, the Easter Bunny isn't real. You and Mommy hide the eggs!" The Easter Bunny isn't real like Santa Claus. Silly, Daddy should know that.

My little 2 year old neighbor Z had her first egg hunt. I hid the eggs for her and then she and her mommy looked for them. Z really liked pouring the eggs out of the basket and hearing them go Crack! Crack! Crack! I hope she washed the eggs off before she ate them.

Then Mommy and Daddy hid my eggs so I could find them. Some of them were easy to find. But I had a lot of green colored eggs that looked a lot like the color of the plants in our backyard. They were tricky to find. But I found them. Eventually.

After the egg hunt, we packed our lunch for the picnic at the big park by our house. The Sisters are there every Easter and host a big celebration. We went early for the Easter Egg Hunt. I didn't get any eggs there though because I was kind of nervous being with so many people and I couldn't see Mommy or Daddy. A little girl gave me two of her eggs when she saw I had none. She was very nice to do that. Inside the plastic eggs were chocolates! Yummy!

We set up our big blanket on the grass and sat with my friend Izzy and her family. They brought homemade Challah bread using Daddy's sourdough starter.

We had a great time eating, playing, and seeing all the Sisters. The Sisters are actually grown up boys dressed up as girls. They wear a lot of pretty dresses and fancy makeup.

Mommy said she wishes she was a guy so she could dress up like a girl. Mommy is so silly!

Izzy's auntie's friend James is a Sister. He made a special hat that looks like a big orange flower! With big bees that fly around his head! But they aren't real bees. Just stuffed animal ones. I wasn't afraid.

There were so many people at the park! It's nice to see everyone out on such a nice day.

Lots of people dressed up. Some people wore all pink! Pink is a good color. Maybe I'll dress up next time in my princess costume.

I can't wait until next Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love you egg!

Tomorrow is Easter. It's a day when you play hide-and-seek with colored eggs. The eggs hide, and then you go and find them. I colored eggs today with my neighbor who is 2 years old. She liked it but seemed to enjoy trying to drink the colored water more. I liked squeezing the food coloring out of the bottles and mix up different colors. But my favorite part is pulling out the eggs after they have been sitting in the colored vinegar-water for a couple minutes. I'm always surprised how pretty they are! Do you think rainbow chickens would lay rainbow eggs?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Easter 3 years ago

Mommy and Daddy found all my old videos. Here is a video of me coloring easter eggs three years ago. Yay!