Sunday, November 29, 2009


Rabbit and Mouse
by Yoshi

Once there was a little cute rabbit. And a cute mouse. They played together every day. They were very best friends! They had lots of fun together. They went to animal parks and stuff.

One day, a giraffe walked by. The rabbit and the mouse got very scared. So they left into a different wood. On the way there the rabbit found lots of carrots. And the mouse found lots of cheese. And when they got there, there was lots of cheese and carrots.

And the rabbit jumped to pick the carrots and the mouse scurried everywhere to pick the cheese. The rabbit and the mouse were very happy.

At dinner, the mouse had cheese soup and the rabbit had carrot soup. For dessert, the mouse had cheesecake. And for dessert, the bunny had carrot cake.

For breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, the mouse always had cheese things and the rabbit always had carrot things.

They found lots of stuff to make furniture and stuff. And they found other things to make decorations. And they had a very happy time and they made mouse and rabbit friends. And they partied a lot. And they drinked fruit punch. And sometimes they ate different colored marshmallows and cookies and brownies and muffins and cake and doughnuts.

The end.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

You're the best. I'm happy that you're my daddy. I love you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes I can. No you can't.

Daddy: I'm the daddy so I can do whatever I want.

Me: Well, you can't punch me.

Daddy: You got me there.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Needles make me sad

I got a flu shot today. Mommy and Daddy said it wouldn't hurt. Not true.

Big needle + little arm = owwww!!!

My needle was much bigger than the ones that Mommy and Daddy got. That wasn't fair.

But! I got another flu medicine that sprayed up my nose in both nose holes. It felt like sneezing backwards.

Tonight I get to sleep with Bandit Snoopy. That's Mommy's very special Snoopy that always sleeps in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Bandit Snoopy helps make my arm feel better.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Picture picture

About a year ago, I got a really fun cupcake baking set from Auntie Sharen. She's the Mommy of Kristen. And I was the flower girl in Kristen and Trenner's wedding. The baking set is really fun. Everything is Yoshi sized—small and perfect. Small bowl, small mixing spoons, little measuring cups, a mini cupcake pan... it goes on and on. There's even an apron that's the perfect size.

Anyway, when I first used it to make cupcakes, Mommy took pictures of me. Mommy is always taking pictures of me. Sometimes she gets kinda annoying with that camera in my face all the time saying, "Hey, Yoshi! Look here!" But don't tell her I said that. Because it might hurt her feelings. And also, I don't want to get in trouble.

So she took a photo of me. And then she gave it to the dad of my friend Leo (he was in my class last year). Leo's dad is a painter. And he made a painting of me! It's called "Yellow Bowl." That yellow bowl is actually a bowl from Jichan's Mommy. Now we have it. It's part of a set of 3 different sizes—mommy, baby, daddy sizes.

So here is the photo and painting side by side:

The painting is framed and hangs in my kitchen. I really like it.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Today we got to wear our jammies to school! I wore my purple and green froggie jammies because they are nice and soft. I brought my slippers in my backpack to wear in the classroom. I wore my bathrobe as a jacket. Fun!

Today was called Snuggle Down and Read to start the first day of our Read-A-Thon. That's where kids read books and then get money! But the money doesn't go in their piggy banks. It goes back to my school so that our library can get more books. And you know I love books! And you wanna know a secret? I love smelling books.

So this readathon goes something like this. Starting today until December 4th, I keep track of the amount of time I read every day. I also keep track of what books I read. Or chapters of books if the books are long. If a grownup reads to me, this counts too.

I write all this down on a reading log. This is not a tree that fell down. This kind of log is fancy talk for a piece of paper with information on it.

If you want to help me and my school, you can sponsor me. You can pledge to donate a certain amount of money, like 10 cents for every minute I read. And then let's say I read 15 minutes a day, every day. That's 0.10 ($) x 15 (minutes) x 30 (days) = $45 that you will give to my school. Or you can say you will donate a certain amount of money for every book I read. Or you can pledge money based on how many pages I read. I hear that you can even just donate a flat amount. So many choices!

So if any of you want to sponsor me or want to know more about this read-a-thon stuff, please let Mommy or Daddy know. You can email them, leave a comment here, or send them a Facebook message. Or the good ol' telephone works too.

Thank you very much!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat!

"Trick or Treat!" is what you say on Halloween when you want candy. I wish Trick Or Treat worked all the time. This year I was brave and went up to many houses. Last year I was more shy. I think it's because I'm six now.

For my school parade on Friday, I dressed as a Hindu princess. I wore my sari from Dee's wedding. I felt very sparkly in it.

For Halloween night, I went as a regular ballerina (I was a princess ballerina last year). I decided to use my blue bucket to hold my candy. I went trick or treating with my friends. Yay!

Mommy and Daddy let me eat a lot of candy that night. I went crazy.

Here is my loot! I couldn't get a photo of the candy I already ate since it was in my tummy and it's hard to get a camera in the stomach because eating it wouldn't taste good.