Monday, May 23, 2011

Junior Olympics!

Last week my school had Junior Olympics. Each class pretends to be a country. The country we pick is from our United Nations Days, where we travel around to each classroom and learn about different countries. Our country was the Netherlands because that's where Nikki is from. Nikki was our exchange student. She was super nice and fun. She would eat bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles for lunch. Yum!

The Junior Olympics has an opening ceremony. We all walk around holding our flags. Then each grade does a performance. My grade did the ribbon dance. Can you spot me? I'm wearing a turquoise shirt.

After the opening ceremonies, we get to play games and do sports and all sorts of fun activities. I like the obstacle course.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I love yoga. Don't confuse "yoga" with "yogurt," because while I love them both, one involves bending and balancing, and the other involves a spoon and slurping. Also, one tastes delicious (it's not yoga).

Every Friday afternoon, Aloisia teaches us yoga. It's super fun. I love the spongy mats we get to use even though they kinda smell like feet. On Earth Day, we went outside to do yoga. Yay! We all spread around the climbing dome and Aloisa went inside.

Sometimes it's hard to balance. Woah!

There, that's better!

I'm a jumping frog!

I love yoga!