Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Five!

Today is my fifth birthday. If you were to ask me how old I am, I could hold out one open hand and show you all my fingers. There are five. That means I am five years old. Yay!

This morning I had yummy tiny pancakes and baked apples with cinnamon and sugar. Daddy made them. Then we all prepared for my birthday party at the big park near our house. I put the sprinkles on the ice cream cone-shaped cupcakes.

I got a lot of presents. I didn't even ask for them. I have never seen so many presents for me before. They are all lovely. I got stickers and art boxes and books and clothes and so much good stuff. A lot of my friends drew me really beautiful pictures. I have a great collection of drawings now.

My friends in my class made a book with their drawings for my birthday. It's very special. One of my friends can draw a dragon really good. He must practice a lot. I keep that special drawing book with my other special drawing book that I got for my third birthday at my first preschool. They are both very special to me.

Mommy asked how I feel being five. I had to be honest. "I'm sick. Today is my birthday and I'm sick." I'm coughing a lot, my throat hurts a lot, and I might stay home from school. I don't want my friends at school to get sick. And shhh, don't tell, but I kinda like hanging out at home.

I do like being five though. I'm a big kid!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guess my _iddle

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy don't know what I'm saying. I say one thing and they hear another. Daddy also mumbles something about a "Three's Company misunderstanding."

So the other day, I came up with a great game. I come up with a lot of games. All of them are super duper. This time I decide to let Mommy and Daddy play.

me: Hey, wanny play a game?!

Daddy: Sure!

Mommy: I wanna play too! Just give me a minute to finish up in the kitchen. (I have no idea what Mommy is doing. I can tell you she is definitely NOT making cookies.)

Daddy: Okay, Yoshi, let's start and Mommy can join later.

Me: Okay! This is called, "Guess my wih-dul."

Daddy: Guess my what?

Me: Guess my wih-dul!

Daddy: Widdle?

Me: No! Not, Widdle. Wih-dul!

Daddy: Letter?

Me: Wih-dul!

Mommy: Little? Guess my little?

Me: NO!!!! GUESS MY WIH-DUL! (I'm really getting annoyed with them)

Daddy: Riddle?! Is it Riddle!

Me: Yes!!!! Guess my Riddle!!

Mommy and Daddy together: Ohhhhh.... Guess my riddle!

Okay, so I have some trouble with my "R" sounds. I'm working on it.

Anyway, we play the game and have a great time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This story is called: Happy Birthday, Little Bunny! (It helps to read with the pictures of "The Tale Of Peter Rabbit")

Once upon a time there was 4 little happy bunnies.

Four little happy bunnies.

The one wearing the blue sweater, tomorrow was his birthday!

He was excited.

Then one day it was tomorrow. It was the cute little happy bunny’s birthday.
He said “Mommy, Can I go and find something good to do?”

And the mommy said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

And so he hopped off in the woods in a happy place.

When he found his friends, his two sisters and the brother. He went off again. His cute little sisters and brother decided to pick some blackberries.

But the naughty one wore his blue sweater and went where his mother told him to NOT go. He went into Peter’s garden.

He went under the fence and ate some yummy food and he picked some radishes, carrots.

He hopped along the fence and started singing, “I am a happy bunny! I am a super happy bunny. You know why? It’s a super special day. Happy birthday to me!”

He hopped along and kept singing over and over again.

Someone heard him singing. Can you guess who it is? Peter!

Peter started chasing. He didn’t want to be made into Bunny Pie like his daddy.
He started running away and Peter started chasing.

He kept running and running along, bouncing and bouncing as fast as he could. He got stuck in a net. Hurry hurry! My buttons are stuck! He pulled his jacket off and started running and hopping again.

Bunny went fast! He went into a little house. He hid in a watering can. It was nice and wet for him. He thought it was a nice place to live, but not just his family can live in there. Everybody in his family has to be small to live in there. But he didn’t want to live in there forever unless Peter finded him.

Peter looked in each flowerpot. And bunny sneezed and he runned out and Peter was too tired to chase so he didn’t chase. And when he went back to work, Bunny found a locked door. He asked the mouse but he didn’t answer.

He saw a cat drinking water.

He climbed into the wheelbarrow. The first thing he saw was Peter. The second thing he saw was the gate! He didn’t know how to get out of the gate.

So he quickly tip-toed and he got outside of the gate and Whew! He was safe.

And he got home. Mother poured tea in for the bunny and went straight to bed. And then the other ones had been eating yummy dinner.


Thursday, October 02, 2008


And me again!