Saturday, November 05, 2011

Big Doggie the Bronco!


Friday, November 04, 2011

I got a rock

Bachan and Jichan gave me a rock for my birthday. It's a special rock, called a geode. It looks like this when it's round:

And then you're supposed to crack it open. I put the geode inside a sock. Then I dropped it from the balcony in our backyard. It didn't break, so Daddy took a hammer to it. We all wore sunglasses to protect our eyes (because this is science!). He bashed it open. And then you get chunks like this:

And pretty crystals!

And curvy layers that look like rolling hills.

I like to put it back together like a puzzle.

Thanks Bachan and Jichan!

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I was a witch for Halloween. My dress had spider webby arms. Mommy sewed a sparkly jewel on my hat. And I wore green eyeshadow! I carried a cauldron to collect my candy.

Mommy became Little Dead Riding Hood again. She really likes to wear dead makeup because she's silly. Our first stop was the funeral home by our house. A funeral home is where dead people go so their living friends and family can say goodbye to them. I got to pick out candy from a casket. Spooky!

Daddy went as Tom. That means he didn't dress up this year.

We went trick or treating with my friend Lily. So fun! I weighed my candy when I got home. 1.4 pounds. Yummy!