Tuesday, February 28, 2006


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My newest talent is balancing bubbles on my tongue. I then eat the bubbles. Last night, Mommy asked me, "What does it taste like?" I said, "CHICKEN!!!"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Movie!

Check it out! If you have problems getting the video to play, click here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Presidents' Weekend

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I don't know who the presidents are, or why it was their weekend, but I sure had a good time. They should rename it Yoshimi's Weekend. A brief list of what I did:
  • made gingerbread cookies
  • blew bubbles in our apartment building
  • went to the Apple store and played games on the computer
  • went to the park to play with my friend Abe
  • went to another park to play my friend Alyssa and ride on boats
  • painted with watercolors that Mommy's friend Naomi gave to me (I like Naomi's cat Wolfie)
  • went to a birthday dinner for Aunt Laura and I saw my cousins too
  • Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Snoopy for dinner?

    Tonight we had spaghetti and veggies. I asked Mommy what the name of these veggies are. Here is what we said:

    Me: What this, Mommy? [I point to these flat, green, pod-like things. They look like smooshed edamame]

    Mommy: Snoopys

    Me: No!!!! [I laugh]

    Mommy: Yes, they are Snoopys

    Me: No!!! [silly Mommy]

    Mommy: No, not Snoopys. Snow-pees.

    Me: No!!!

    Mommy: They are. Snow. Pees.

    Me: It's not Snoopy!!!

    Mommy: Okay, then what is this? [she points to the spaghetti]

    Me: Woodstock!

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Feel better Jichan

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    Jichan loves to nap. He welcomes a nap like I welcome a cookie--wholeheartedly. Sometimes when I am at Bachan's and Jichan's house I take a nap with Jichan. Here I am on the sofa. Jichan holds me. I hold my doll Nick. The other day Mommy told me that Jichan got sick and had to spend a couple days in a big building with lots of doctors. I drew him some pictures and Bachan took them to Jichan. He liked the pictures very much. Most of my drawings are balloons, but I drew a special Elmo picture just for Jichan.

    Jichan is at his home now where he gets to rest a lot. It's a good thing he likes naps because he gets to take a lot of them. I get to see him this coming weekend. Yay!