Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of kindergarten!

Today I start Kindergarten. Mommy, Daddy and I all woke up early. Before 7am. Daddy makes pancakes, cut up fresh fruit, put fresh whipped cream on top. It all looks so good, but I am too nervous to eat. "My tummy is nervous!"

Mommy and Daddy say that it's okay if I'm not hungry. I help make my lunch. I wrap my salami and cream cheese sandwich in shiny foil. I put in my sandwich with my Bento box of cheese and carrots. I even put in a cookie that we made last night. Special treat! I make sure my favorite water bottle is filled up.

We all put our shoes on, I make sure I have my lunch bag attached to my backpack, and then we walk to school.

I see other kids walking to school. Daddy tells me the guy holding the Stop Sign with a handle is the Crossing Guard. He guards very well.

The sun is still not all the way up in the sky. Our shadows are very long. I wish I was as tall as my shadow. Except maybe not flat. I like being roundy.

I see school buses.

The walk is long. Even though the day is early, it's warm out. I'm sweaty already. I get tired walking up the hill (it's hilly in San Francisco!).

I take my vest off and put it in my backpack. Daddy gives me a piggy back ride up the last block to school.

With that extra energy saved up from Daddy carrying me, I am able to play on the brand new playground.

My favorite are the monkey bars. It's in a circle so I can go around and around.

I meet my teacher. She is nice. She already knows my name. I introduce her to my friend J who went to preschool with me. We are in the same class!! And speaking of class, I go in my classroom and see my name under the "Y" with a yo-yo. Neat! I put my backpack there.

I sit on the carpet with my friend J and some other kids I met a couple weeks ago. I am already having a good time.

Soon my teacher kicks out the parents. Some of the kids cry. Some of the parents cry. Mommy and Daddy are happy. So am I.

"Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!" I give them a hug, kiss, nosey, and they leave.

I like it here. I think I'll stay for a while.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Tomorrow is my first day of kindergarten. Tonight I read Mommy a story. The book is called "Make Way For Ducklings," but tonight I call it "Ducklings Go To Kindergarten."

Once upon a time there lived two birds. One was named... it was a boy. He said, "Look it! That's a nice pond we should live in." But the mommy duck said," No, no. It is certainly wrong. We should live somewhere else. But i've been there and there's foxes and turtles."

"We should live there on the island so we can have babies and they could go to kindergarten."

"Yes, that's a great choice, mommy duck."

So they went in and they got some food at the bottom at the pond. but not much because not a lot of people throw peanuts for the ducks. They don't see them a lot. So, they offered peanuts when they saw the birds. They threw and they ate and ate and ate for a long time. It was a huge breakfast. But they didn't have babies and the babies didn't go to kindergarten.

Then they got out and didn't know a bike was coming and was coming super fast. He wanted to run over the birds and kill them and not be happy and say sorry if the came alive. And then something came and riding riding riding fast. Can you guess what it is? What's that noise? It's an airplane! No, it's a helicopter. No. It's a blimp. No it's a car driving on the street.
Watch out! You'll get runned over!

"Oh no! This is not good. You're right. Next time we have to punch the guy on the butt."

"Now we can fly somewhere else."

"This doesn't have a big enough pond."

"It's only tiny enough for ants."

"There was no where we could ever find this stuff for anything. No way. I'm impossibly right. No water here also. And we want to go to kindergarten for our babies."

"This is good! Now we can stay here at the Charles river, not too far from Beacon Hill."

"Well, okay. And we can get the peanuts."

"You're certainly right."

"Yes, this is nice. I got my nest all ready. Well, soon I will have eggs."


So we should just have names for the babies. So now we are getting peanuts for the rest our life. People love us, but not the other birds. They're scared and mean to us. Not us.

Now, I have my eggs. Now should be done at any moment.

Our babies are born! aren't they cute?

Oh yes! They're playing a little.

Bye bye bye bye bye bye.

This is how I do it.

No no no, you can not have an answer, Daddy.

Okay. Bye.

Come on, come on, we could do it.Follow me! This is how I do it. So come on children. We have to follow in a line. We should always be together. If we lose all of them and only have one, that baby will not have any friends to play with. So you guys will never have to get lost.

Okay, mommy!

Let's march along and go to kindergarten really soon. Tomorrow.

This is how you go to Kindergarten.

And you have to make sure the last one will keep up.

Okay, mommy.

Come on, let's swim along. This is what they're going to do in kindergarten

Yes, mommy.

Okay, we need to keep going.


I'm starting to get love.

Now this is why I'm turting you, like Turtles. They're the best thing ever!

Look at those cars! All these are birds. Honk honk!!
Now if you hear those cars you have to honk loud and say when you are kindergarten. "Dada! get away! go away cars! go away go away go away!"

But the cars kept honking and honking.

I guess we can't do that.

Okay, mamma!

Hooo hooo hooot! THis is not how to happen.

(singing) yayayayayayayay look at how we do it! look it how look it how look at how.... Do the wiggle dance! Your bootie singing!!! (end singing)

Point your finger at the beddena, like your beds now head and your head points yeah!

Look at all those ducks. There are so much things that we can do with them.

Okay, Mama.

Those are strange people. We never saw people like that before. Those guys never saw what we did.

These police man are okay now. We should thank them now for doing all this stuff. Now we're safe crossed. We can say 'Bye' to them whenever they leave.

Okay, Mommy.

Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Now we are supposed to be to find daddy. Look! There he is there he is. Yes, yes.

We're bigger and bigger. Now we can circle to kindergarten.

When you're done doing the lessons and you already know what the rules are.

Okay, Mommy!

And when you have your children and you're a grown up you can teach them what the rules are.

And now, when we got to the island, there's daddy duck waiting for us. And now we can play with Daddy!

Yes we could!

And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ella's Back!

My bestest friend, Ella, moved away to Israel last year. Israel is far, far away. It's on the other side of the planet. The planet that we live on. When I'm having breakfast, she's having dinner. When I'm sleeping at night, she's at school. I don't like having her gone. We talk on the phone sometimes. And sometimes we chat on the internet. And we have videos of each other. When I went to Hawaii, I sent her a postcard.

Now, Ella is back! She's on vacation with her family here in America for 3 weeks. We already had a sleepover. Even though we were apart for a year, we played together like we were never apart. She's my best friend. I love Ella.


I asked Mommy and Daddy for swim lessons. I've been asking them for over a year. Maybe even more than that. Finally they listened to me because a couple weeks ago I took my very first lesson. It was so much fun!

My swim teacher lets me borrow goggles. Goggles are kind of like glasses (the kind you wear, not the kind you drink from, silly). But goggles have a stretchy band that goes around your head. And the goggles kind of stick to your face like a suction cup. Not that I put suction cups on my face.

My swim teacher also puts these funny, flat, floppy fins on my feet. They are kind of like shoes, but for swimming instead of walking.

I can hold my breath and swim underwater.

I can climb out of the pool without using the step-stairs.

I can sit on my bottom and jump in!

I can swim to the bottom of the pool and pick up a toy.

I earned a green ribbon for learning things! I am now learning more things to earn my blue ribbon.

The swimming pool is toasty and indoors. The building is close to the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. I can see the old jail on the island. It's called Alcatraz. I heard that some people swim from the jail to the shore. Maybe I'll try that when I learn how to swim gooder.

I can't wait for my next swim class!

Friday, August 01, 2008

My favorite doggie is named Sami

This is Sami. Sami is Uncle Eric and Auntie Wendy's doggie. Sami is a nice doggie. Sami is a hot dog!

She knows how to beg for treats.

When she stands on her back legs and puts her front paws up, it's called "pretty."

We love playing together!