Friday, January 30, 2009

Inauguration, chapter 2

Day 2
January 18:

Daddy woke up first. He made coffee and started to pack up our things. Mommy woke up next. She drank the coffee Daddy made. Then she started to gather up our things too. Then they woke me up. I was happily snoozing in dreamland. But then I remembered that today was the day that we take the train to Washington, D.C. Yay! I got up. I got dressed. Soon we were on our way.

There was a cab in front of our hotel. The man sitting in the driving seat was sleeping. Daddy knocked on the window and woke him up. He took us to the train station and we hung out there for a while. It looked very fancy there. I was really too tired to explore though.

After waiting for a while, we stood in line to get on the train. When the train came, we looked for a car that had room for all of us to sit together. We finally found one near the end. We got on and Mommy and I fell asleep. Daddy told us afterwards that everyone on the train was really excited about the Inauguration. He said one lady was at the train station the day before when Barack Obama took the train. Obama waved at everyone and everyone waved back. We took the same train as Obama, except we took it the next day.

We made it to DC and then had to take the Metro. It's another train, like BART. We took it to a station near Daddy's friend Cailin's place. First though, we decided to see the White House. I wasn't impressed. On account of I lost my stuffed Knuffle Bunny Baby that Mommy made me. I dropped it somewhere. I wanted to find it. So we went back the same way we came. And I found Knuffle Bunny! Yay! I was very relieved. I have lost two of my Babies on trips before. I never found them.

We made it to Cailin's house. Cailin is very nice. She also has a lot of yummy food. I specially liked the berries.

There were some other grown-ups at Cailin's house. We went with them to the Washington Monument to watch the Inauguration kick-off concert. Lots of famous singers were there... Stevie Wonder, U2, Beyonce...

Barack Obama talked. I saw him on the Jumbotron. That's like a super duper huge TV screen. Everyone cheered. Then everyone was quiet so they could hear what he had to say. Then one little girl, about my age, screamed "Obama!!" Everyone laughed. And then clapped and cheered. Me too!

There were so many people there! Daddy said there would be even more people for the Inauguration. I couldn't imagine. After the concert, we walked to a restaurant because we were hungry. It was too crowded. So we went to a grocery store to get some food. But it was crowded too. So we went back to Cailin's and munched on sandwiches and had a snacky dinner. Then we went to bed.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'll miss you, Great Grandma

Great Grandma had been in the hospital for a little while. On Saturday, I spoke to her on the phone. "I miss you! I love you Great Grandma! I'm going to make you a picture!!" And she was happy to hear me even though she couldn't talk back. I painted a picture of her and me together. I gave her rainbow hair. We mailed it Monday, special delivery, over night to Utah so she would get it right away.

Great Grandma passed away late last night. That means her body no longer works.

This morning, Mommy, Daddy and I had a silent moment to think about her. I closed my eyes and thought. When I opened them I told Daddy and Mommy, "I thought about Great Grandma, Grandpa, and me all together."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Inauguration, chapter 1

Day 1
January 17

I woke up Saturday morning very excited. Daddy, Mommy and I got our bags that we packed the night before and put them in our car. Then we put ourselves in our car. Then our car took us to the airport.

At the airport, we checked in our big, red backpack. The one we take on our big travels. We kept the small, green back with us. That held my plane activities like my books, my babies (grown ups call them stuffed animals), some crayons.

We had breakfast at the airport. I wanted to have red and green jello, but Mommy and Daddy said that wasn't a good idea for breakfast. It seemed like a good idea to me. We had dim sum and shared a croissant and some juice.

On the airplane, I kept myself busy. I'm an only child, so I'm good at entertaining myself. Mommy and Daddy played some puzzles, but not the kind with the pieces that fit together. The kinds where you write letters or numbers in squares in a magazine. Then Mommy and Daddy took turns reading to me.

The plane ride was long. By the time we landed in Philadelphia, the sun was already going to bed. And it was cold, so, incredibly terribly cold. Brrr. I was not prepared for the cold. I told Mommy, "I didn't realize it would be so cold."

We rode in a cab to the hotel. Daddy asked the nice driver, "Is it always this cold in the winter time?" The Cabby guy said, "No. It's usually colder." Yikes. How do people not turn into popsicles here?

Uncle Woody lives in Philly, and he came over to our hotel to see us. Uncle Woody is nice. He grew out his beard to keep his face warm. He looks sorta like a bear with glasses.

We walked outside to get another cab. Daddy said it was less than 10 degrees outside. That must mean super duper wuper cold.

We went to place called Pat's for Philly Cheese Steaks. It's a sandwich with cheese and steak. The guy at the window where you order the food called Daddy a Butthead. I'm not sure why.

There is no inside eating area, so we eat outside in that super cold weather. Instantly my food turned not hot. I ate French Fries.

After we ate, we walked a half a block and ran into another restaurant to eat more food. The real reason was just to be indoors and warm up. But I decided that pizza sounded good so I had a slice.

Then we went back to the hotel. Singing in the Rain, my new favorite musical, was on TV. I watched it. Mommy and I sang and danced around and jumped on the beds while Don Lockwood sang and danced around on TV.

Daddy's friend from collage was visiting her parents in a place called New Jersey. Her name is Dee. She's fun. She came over to visit. She asked me to be in her wedding. Yay!

Then Uncle Woody and Dee left.

Then we went to sleep.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Details soon!

Here's a pic of me... I'll write more soon!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Yes we can, yes we did, yes we are...

...going to Washington DC for the Inauguration!

Tomorrow morning, Mommy, Daddy and I are going to fly to Philadelphia where my Uncle Woody lives. We're staying one night there in a hotel and then taking a train to Washington D.C. to see Barack Obama become president. Daddy says there will be millions of people there celebrating. I have no idea how many people that is, but it sounds like a lot. At least as many people as there are kids in my school. I'll have Mommy and Daddy take lots of pictures.