Friday, January 28, 2011


Last week I got the flu. I'm still a little sick. I missed a field trip to the Academy of Sciences because I was home sick. Sometimes I like being home sick because I get to miss school. But sometimes I don't like being home sick because I'm sick. And being sick is no fun. I slept a lot. I would wake up from my nap and then right after, take another nap. The sofa and I became good friends. I didn't want my stuffed animals to see me sick, so I didn't play with them. I think that was a mistake because it was boring.

I told Mommy, "The top of my mouth feels like mini-mountains." No fun.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's a new year. Good bye 2010! Hi 2011! Sometimes I write the wrong year on my papers at school. Here are some things I did before the year ended.

My class sang at the Fairmont Hotel. I am embarrassed to sing in front of people, but I did it anyway.

I built a gingerbread house at school.

Then it was vacation! No school for 16 days! I did lots of fun stuff like go to the Nutcracker Ballet with Mommy. We celebrated Christmas. I got fun presents, like rock climbing gear, stuff for my bike, books, and games. I ate a lot of yummy treats.

Then I went to Hollywood! We stayed where there were a lot of stars with names on them on the sidewalk. When I stay at hotels, I test out the beds by jumping on them. It's especially fun jumping from one bed to the other. This hotel had very nice beds and lots of fluffy pillows.

And trying out the round chair.

I went to Venice Beach. There were a lot of people working out. I worked on my balance.

Part of my Christmas present from Mommy and Daddy was a trip to the Lego Store to pick out some legos. We found a store while on vacation. I wanted to take this giant one home, but I don't think it would fit on the other lego bricks so I decided to leave it at the store and get some smaller ones.

And of course I had fun being with Ellie Belly!

I rang in the new year with my walk-to-school-buddy and his family. We played Wii. And I tied balloons in everyone's hair.

I can tell that 2011 is going to be a great year.