Tuesday, July 22, 2008

They work too

Mommy: What does a princess do for work?

Me: She works at Disneyland. In the store.

Mommy: What does a prince do?

Me: He has a computer that opens up and he does drawings on it.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

"Yoshi's Storybook" : A story by me

Yoshi’s Storybook, by Yoshimi C.

Once upon a time there was people living in a village and there was a stomping noise, which was big feet. And it was really a giant’s. People didn’t know. They didn’t see the head. And there was a big thunder one night. Nobody knows it was really a giant. But I told them what it was. I told them it was a giant and they was so scared that I ran away and they ran away.

And the big stomping noise went boom boom boom boom boom boom boooom!

And it heard all a sudden the giant runned after us. We were all scared so we all ran faster and faster and faster and faster.

But then the giant got tired. But we ran away more after because we were afraid that the giant was going to chase after us so we ran away more.

Also, we were just about to leave this planet and move to another a planet.
But every Sunday this happens to a planet.
And it happened to our planet now.
So we have to find another planet.
And if the giant chases us now with his giant friends and goes to another planet and he will chase us.

I would drive the rocketship.

One day we got the planet that we wanted to be at. But the giant will fly in the back to our planet and all the humans got all their cars and all their other stuff and there were people with many rocketships and they got to the planet where we are which is far away from where we are and they will never go back.

And also.
One night, we had to find all our houses to fit in because some of us have to have 3 beds, because we have 3 people, 4 beds, 5 beds, 6 beds, 10 beds because there are a lot of people and we have to share all our houses for other people to live with us, right?

All the people took all their houses from our planet so we could live all they put houses.
Some in the street and some on the sidewalk. But there was a little bit of sidewalk to go left. So everybody was happy.

And now I know which way I could go!

One night, there was a big storm. We didn’t know what the storm was. And it may be the monsters coming to our new planet. But we didn’t know.

We hearded it was getting louder and louder, the thunder storm.


and then. All of us looked out our windows.
And then, and then. We saw it. We saw!

We looked and we feeled.

We looked and we feeled back and north. We saw this thing, we saw it. We saw it! We didn’t know what it was. It might be a tall building. Or a dragon-house.

It might be a village. But we ran outside and saw it. We looked up. We looked down and there were crumbs on the floor and we followed the path. But hips and hops we followed the path. We followed and followed and followed. And then we saw. We saw it we saw it.

We went up all a volcano. That had no lava in it because it was very old. And then we looked down and climbed in. And then we saw it. But we were so far away from it in the volcano so we saw a little dot.

So we walked closer. And then we saw it. It WAS something! One of our friends feel, “I hope I was in jailed.” But I hope it’s not creepy I hope it’s not peepee I hope it’s not jit-poop and I hope it’s not nu-nu and I hope it’s not ho-ho.

We saw it!

I know who it is. it’s No-Ho!
It’s Go-bo!
It’s JoBo!

I hope it’s not feeled.

I think I know who is it is.

It’s a zebra, silly!

It wasn’t a person. IT was just a zebra stuck in the volcano!!!

The End!!!!