Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Break!

This week is Spring Break. This means that Spring is here and we all need to rest. Either that, or Spring is Broken. We started off the week with some sidewalk chalk drawing. It didn't last very long with all the rain.

Mommy and Daddy wanted us to go camping, but we haven't had a dry day in a long time. They looked on a map for any dry place and there are none in California. Maybe they need to look at a map that isn't wet.
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Instead of camping outside, we camped indoors for a day. I had my first 'smore. It was super duper yummy. First, you take graham crackers and put some pieces of chocolate on them. You then roast marshmallows in the toaster oven on a piece of shiny foil and make them get gooey. You put the hot marshmallows on the chocolate cracker, then put another graham cracker on top. It makes the best sandwich ever! Mm! MMm!!! I also popped a couple marshmallows in my mouth and went bonkers. Mommy said something about "baby crack" but I didn't notice anything broken.

Mommy and Daddy set up the tent inside. It took up the entire living room. The tent smelled a little stinky. Just this week, I got a new air-bed and it fits inside the tent. That's where I slept. Fun!

Today, I watched a movie at a movie theater. I actually snuck in for free, lied about my age, and smuggled in some food. Mommy calls me a "rebel" but I say, "I'm Yoshi!" Silly Mommy. I saw Curious George. It was really fun! Mommy said that I also saw Spiderman 2 and another film or two in the theater, but I was too young to remember. Anyway, Curious George is about a cute little monkey and a man in a yellow hat. Unlike a book, a movie has moving pictures on a big screen, kind of like a TV screen, but HUGE! It takes up an entire wall. And not a small wall--a big one. I sat on the seat and ate popcorn and watched the movie. I can't wait to go to another one but Daddy says I will have to wait until he can afford to spend another 35 bucks on a matinee.

I also got mail from my Portland friends, Jay and Julie. They know about my potty training progress and decided to help me along with a new book. I love getting mail! I also love Jay and Julie! If you can't see my video, click here.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yesterday I went to the Aquarium in Monterey. An aquarium is where you can see animals that live in the water. I saw sea turtles, otters, sharks, jelly fish, and so many other things. I picked up a starfish. I didn't know it was alive so I tried to squish it. I felt bad when Daddy told me that it's an animal and I almost hurt the starfish. It really doesn't look anything like a fish. It does look like a star though. I also saw penguins, ducks, and other birds. Penguins can't fly even though they have wings. Big Bird is like that too. I can't fly either, but I also don't have wings so I guess that makes sense. I watched an octapus swim around. I also ripped a piece of kelp apart. I hope that was okay to do.

Monday, March 27, 2006


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I decided I needed to add some color to that wall.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Out and about

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This morning Mommy and I walked around the neighborhood. At times I ran. This is one of those times.

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Before we set out on our walk, Mommy and I spent some time drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. I took a break and hung out on the wall of our building.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Now that I've just about mastered the English language, I'm now learning HTML. Does this video work for you?

Daddy and me on a train!

Now for some nerdy talk: This movie uses quicktime. If your browser uses Windows Media Player instead of Quicktime as the default player, the video may not play. Please tell me if you can't see the video. I'm learning how to embed videos and do other html stuff for my blog.


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Saturday I hiked at a big park on a big hill. Mommy and Daddy came too. I watched people ride horses. I looked at dogs. I noticed large birds fly high. I rode on a train through the park. Here are two pictures of me on the train. You can see a video of me on the train here.

Friday, March 17, 2006


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When Uncle Eric and Auntie Wendy visited us, we went to some whineries in some Sleepy town called Nap-ah!. I didn't hear anyone crying or complaining. I didn't see anyone napping either. Here I am riding this funny looking guanaco with two humps on his back. I didn't get too far. Maybe he was taking a nap too.

Monday, March 13, 2006


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I now use the potty enough so that Mommy and Daddy let me wear big kid underwear around the house. I still have to sleep in diapers or pull-ups though (what a drag!). It's only a matter of time before I'm fully potty trained. I have some spiffy Elmo underwear that I get to wear when that time comes.

My big head

In my class, there are wooden gates to keep us kids from getting into places we really want to go to. Each gate has three port holes for us to peek our faces in. Each hole looks smaller than the size of my head. Note that I say "looks smaller." My friends and I stick our faces in these holes and look to the other side. One day last week, I lean back against the gate and somehow I get my head stuck in the hole. Seeing as how I am backwards, I step forward to try to get my head out. No luck. I somehow turn around and now an faced toward the gate. I pull my head. I'm stuck! I panic. "Wahh!!!!" Daddy is there for Parent Participation. "Daddy!!" I cry. He and my teacher Fong try to pull me out. Fong brings out some goopy stuff called Vaseline and rub it all over my head. Daddy lifts me up and pulls while Fong attempts to squeeze my head through. Still no luck.

I feel like Winnie the Pooh when he got stuck in in that hole from eating too much Hunny. My friends ask, "What's wrong with Yoshi???" I'm really embarrassed and desperate at this point to get out. "Waahhhh!! I'm stuck!!! I need help!!!" Daddy tries his best to calm me.

Fong tells me that the only way to get my head out is to remember how I got it in there. She goes on and says I need to get in the same position and do everything backwards. Hmm... think, Yoshi, think! I tell myself. I close my eyes for a moment and relax. Aha! I know what I need to do. I get into position and moments later Daddy and Fong get me out. I'm saved!

The next day, plexiglass covers the holes.