Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bath time

Last night I took a bath. Mommy says I should bathe more often than once a week. She's right. Sometimes I bathe twice a week. For some reason, it's a struggle for me to want to get in the bath, but once I'm in, it's a struggle for me to get out. Weird.

I washed myself in the bath tub. I sing a little song when washing my face. First I wash my "Chinny chin chin." Then my "Nosey nose nose." Then my "Cheeky cheek cheek." Then my "Other cheeky cheek cheek." Then my "Eary ear ear." Don't forget about the other "Eary ear ear." Good times in the tub!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Finley's Birthday Party

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This past weekend I went to two birthday parties. On Saturday morning I went to a nice park near my school. I didn't go to school though because it was "Saturday," whatever that means. I saw some of my school friends at the park. The party was for Finley's 2nd birthday. I also saw Ella and Abe. There was this neat house at the park, but it wasn't hard like most houses. It was soft and squishy, sort of like a bed made out of a big balloon. I was nervous about this shakey house. The ground moved underneath my feet! Mommy came in the house with me and I felt better. We jumped in the bouncy house. It was a lot of fun. This is a picture of Abe, Mommy, and me having lots of fun.

The next day was Sunday. There was no school on Sunday either. I can't keep all these days straight. When do I go to school, and when do I stay home? Maybe by my next birthday I'll have this figured out. Anyway, Sunday afternoon we went to another park. This time there was a party for Simone. She also turned 2. We had apple pie. We blew bubbles. I went down the slide. I played on the swings. I saw one of my teachers, Paula, there. Good times!