Thursday, September 04, 2008

Duck Duck Goose (a chapter story)

Chapter 1
Once upon a time, there lived three ducks—three family ducks: a mommy, a baby, and a big sister. So one day a Daddy came walking by and then there was five. No, four. Don’t write five!

Then they were playing Duck, Duck, Goose. They were playing until Duck, Duck, Goose. The person who’s goose gets to chase the guy, chase, chase, chase until the person who says Goose gets to steal the Goose’s spot. And if they get the goose, they sit in the middle and they put food on it and eat it. But not for real.

And then family was like, “I don’t want to play.”

Mommy, can we play Duck, Duck, Goose?

The baby sister said Duck, Duck, Goose on her sister, the winner.

The sister went very slow, so the baby went very fast.

They did Duck, Duck, Goose until they played and played until a big storm came. And then something happened. The storm came coming down harder and harder and harder and harder. Until it came down super hard that it rained and everyone was like, “Everyone run for your lives!”

The birds said “Caw! Caw!”

And they flew into the house, shut the door, lock it!

And even the family. “Yay hah! We saved ourselves! WE did it! We did it! Bubbles! Music!! People! People! People! Pizza! Pizza! Pepperoni! Pepperoni! Pepperoni! Salami! Salami! Cucumbers! Rice and Nori!

And everyday they played Duck, Duck, Goose all day and all night inside their houses.

End of Chapter.

Chapter 2

Once upon a time there lived people. The kids writed “This is my chapter book” And the mommy writed, “This is my chapter book”
And the daddy writed, “This is my coffee.”
And the baby writed “This is my hot cocoa!”
And the mommy writed, “This is my tea.”

And every day they writed “This is my… This is my… This is my…”
And then there was a big thunder light. Boom boom boom boom booom

It got everyone up and down and up and down and bouncy bounce bounce
Bouncy bounce bounce

Until the ground cracked and there came out a little turtle.
Bur bur brr, nom nom nom
“This is my cozy home” lalalalalalla loooooollllooooooo

End of Chapter.

Chapter 3
Once upon a time there was a little turtle family
“pa pa pa pa.” This is my home because it’s cozy and warm and toasty in here. I take lots and lots of food because I like to eat it. I eat so much because it’s slow. I like food that’s slow b/c I get to eat it all when it comes.

I like to wait for a long time. I don’t like to wait for a short time. For a looong time because it’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I don’t complain because it’s such a beautiful day and it’s summer.

I watch lots and lots of cartoons because there’s one that is my favorite and all of them are the rest of my favorite ones. The favorite one that I like is also in a book that is the same amount.

The doctor tells everything that you are missing. But not everyday you could do it. One day at a time. The doctor tells you everything that you need to do.

And then the baby turtle was sooo cute because they had lots of pictures when she was a cute little baby and she’s still a cutie. But now she’s a little big. She’s like a sister. She’s going to have a baby when she grows up. So nice and cozy that she likes to be happy.

The End.