Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another tooth...

...fell out! It happened like this. So I'm at L's house, eating dinner. I'm there to learn about taking care of her cat while she is in Japan with her family. I take a bite of yummy pizza. But then my tooth really starts to hurt. Then I realize that my tooth is sticking out flat. Mommy and Daddy say, "Pull it out!" And so I do. I bleed a little, just like last time. L's mommy is very excited. So am I! Mommy wraps up the tiny, bloody tooth in a napkin and puts in in her bag.

My tooth is now in another cute little envelope under my pillow. I wonder if the Tooth Fairy is going to come tonight.

Birthday paper fun

Mommy made me a beautiful birthday banner. It's so happy! I like the circles. I like the colors. I like that it spells out "Happy Birthday Yoshimi!" Mommy even used my favorite blue for the ribbon. She said we can hang it up every year for my birthday!

Here's my name up close.

I made the invitations that I gave to my friends for my sleepover birthday party last Saturday.

Mommy made birthday hats for me and my team (my two best friends). We wore them at the party!

Birthdays are so fun!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm six years old!

Today is my birthday! I'm six! I like being six. It's even better than being five.

I asked Mommy to make zucchini muffins to bring into my class today. So she did. 'Cause I'm the birthday girl! At first, when my classmates learned that there was zucchini in it a lot of them were grossed out by veggies in their treats. But then they all ate it and said, "Yummy! It's so good!"

Every kid in my class said something nice to me when the kids took their turn doing the Birthday Toast. This kind of toast has nothing to do with bread though. Weird! Here are some things my friends said:

"Happy Birthday, Yoshi. I'm glad we're friends."
"You're always nice to me. You're never mean. Happy Birthday!"
"Happy Birthday, Yoshi!"
"Happy Birthday!"
"You're a good friend. Happy Birthday!"
"I like playing with you. Happy Birthday!"
"I'm glad you don't have lice anymore. Happy Birthday!"
"Happy Birthday, Yoshi!"

Then Mommy led the class to sing Happy Birthday. And everyone said, "Cha! Cha! Cha!" after each line.

Mommy picked me up a little early from school today and we went with one of my friends in my class to a cafe. We did our homework first. Then we drank Italian sodas. Yummy! I had orange soda and my friend S. had strawberry. She had a cookie and I ate a buttery croissant. Then we went to the library that just re-opened and looked at all the books and videos. I picked out a Snoopy video to take home.

We ate one of my favorite meals for dinner. Mac and cheese! We had an indoor picnic in my room with my little star light and a candle. I drank fizzy orange juice and it was the same color as my food!

Then Daddy and Mommy read me two chapters of a Roald Dahl book and then put me to bed.

I feel very special. I love being the birthday girl.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tooth fairy!

Look what the Tooth Fairy brought! A crisp dollar bill and and pack of yummy gum with squirty flavor inside!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I lost my tooth!

I lost my first tooth today! It happened this afternoon. First, it got caught on my sweater sleeve because I like to chew on my clothes sometimes. Then, the bottom of the tooth was all bloody. Mommy says, "Oooh! You're tooth is ready! Yank it out!" So I did. There was a little bit of blood. I was really excited and happy. I jumped up and down. Daddy worked from home today so I brought the tooth over to him.


I put my cute, tiny, bloody tooth into a cute, tiny envelope that Mommy let me use. I put it under my pillow. I hear that there is a Tooth Fairy. I wonder if she's going to visit.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two wheels!

I learned how to ride my bike today! I went to Golden Gate Park to meet up with my friends. We all brought our bicycles. I had training wheels on mine, but Daddy took them off after five minutes. I was a little nervous, but really excited too. Look! I'm riding my bike! And my friend Leo is chasing me!

Then I rode away!